DPES(Dry Powder Fire Extinguishing System)

The dry chemical powder system usually consists of dry cherical powder in a tank and propellant gas cylinder bank, piping or hose to carry the agent to the fire area, nozzles to assure proper now rate and direction into the area to be protected as well as manual actuating mechanisms.
The dry chemical powder system is an installed fire extinguishing system suitable for installation mandatory on LNG and LPG vessels. The system can be installed as a central system, a modular system or a combi-nation(hybrid) system.

Key Features

    • Easy system operation
    • Fast and effective knock-down of deck fires
    • Al components constructed in corrosion resistant materials
    • Nitrogen gas recovered from an industrial process kind to the environment Dry chemical powder-harmless and effective

    Technical data DCP
    Tark water volumg Range 180 to 2150 liter
    Storage powder Range of 175kg to 2000kg
    Design temp 0˚ C - 65˚ C
    Design pressure 24ber
    Material Mild steed 16MnR
    Color Red pairnt RAL 3000
    BC Powder
    Application For hazards
    Class ABC
    Major Ingredienrts Sodium Bicartonate
    Appearance Findly ground, free flowing
    Color White
    Powder Monitor
    Body AISI316L
    Base flange connection DN50/65.DIN2576,PN16
    Capacity 10kg-32k
    Operation Manual
    Elevation Max+90˚ ;Min-75
    Rotation 360˚
    Color Red pairt RAL 3000
    Nitrogen Cylinders
    Filing pressure 150ber at 15˚ C
    Min. water capecity 10-65Ltrs
    Standard Green, RAL 6016