FFMS(Fixed Fire Fighting Monitor System)

The Most Advanced and Total Turnkey Solution For detecting and Extingushing fire on every top most deck conatainer.

Key Features

    • Prevention of the loss of Client's cargo & Ship's property due to fire / Securing insurance savings
      (화물 및 선박 재산을 보호하며, 선박 보험금 인하)
    • SUS 316 and Bronze for Anti-corrosion and high durability
      (부식 방지위한 재질 선정 및 강한 내구성)
    • Low inlet pressure, Long throw length > Most Economic and Optimal Design
      (낮은 압력 대비 긴 유효 거리)
    • Low pressure connection flange and various type (No Pipe Cert. is required)
      (다양하고 낮은 압력의 플랜지 공급 가능)
    • Various System Solution available upon the Client's demand
      (고객 요구에 따른 다양한 시스템 솔류션 제공)
    • Type Approved Certificate for both Manual / Electric Fire fighting Monitor


ITEM VWM - 150M/4200
VWM - 150E/4200
VWM - 150M/6000
VWM - 150E/6000
Operating Electrical Type Electrical Type
Water Capacity Max 320㎥/hr
Min 255㎥/hr
Max 455㎥/hr
Min 320㎥/hr
Design Pressure 6-16bar, Optimum 7-14bar
Throw Length 90 ~ 110M 95 ~ 125M
Rotation -170 ~ +170 degress
Elevation -45 ~ 90 degress
Power Supply 220 ~ 440V AC, 0.9kw
Material SS316L and Bronze
Weight 76kg 82kg
Connections DIN PN16, JIS16K, ASME B 16.5 150#