V1230 systems are designed to extinguish fires involving flammable liquids, gases and in electrical equipment.
System design pressure is 42 bar, V1230 extinguishes fires by a combination of physical and chemical means. It does not significantly deplete the oxygen content in the room and tests have shown it to be less toxic than Halon 1301.
A system comprises Nozzles, Containers, Pipe work and Zone Valve etc.
V1230 is liquid under pressure and is stored in containers, each of which is fitted with a valve specially designed to discharge the agent in containers rapidly.
When the valve opens, the agent flows into the distribution pipe work to the discharge nozzles where it is rapidly dispersed as a vapour.

Key Features

    • Low toxicity, big safety margin
    • Low installation cost
    • Fast flooding time
    • Easy to replace Halon
    • No residue after releasing
    • DNV MED Approved
      (The gas is produced by 3M in Cordova, USA and Sinochem Lantian Co.,Ltd. in Hangzhou, CHINA. )


Properties Halon 1301 HFC-227ea(FM-200) VTI-1230 IG541 CO2
Boilling point ℃ -57.8 -16.4 49 -196 -
Design Con. 5% 7.5-8.7% 5-6% 38-43% 30-75%
NOAEL 5% 9% 10% 43% <5%
Safety Margin Nil 3-20% 67-100% 7-13% Lethal

Environment affectivity

Properties VTI-1230 Halon 1301 HFC-227ea IG541
Ozone depletion(ODP) 0 12 0 0
Global greenhouse Effect(GWP) 1 6900 3500 0
Lifetime in the atmosphere(Year) 0.014 65 33 0