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CEO Message

First of all,

thank you for visiting
our homepage.

Since the company has been established in 1995,
we have continuously grown into a company starting with manufacturing and supply of fire extinguishing safety devices and systems for the marine field of ships.

However, we have noticed paradigm shift  into smart ship that was booming in early 2010, we have come to face new challenges.
In order to meet this main trend , we had no choice but to concentrate, utilizing our own research capabilities, on the development of products that meet these paradigms, 
by paying all of our effort.  As a result, we have successfully developed many products suitable to smart ships, and still keep developing, will never stop. 
In order to complete this task successfully, we have recently re-set our goal to the development of smarter and safer products to best fit to smart ships",
and have paid all our utmost effort. 

As a result to achieve this goal, we have finally developed products with our own capabilities meeting maket demand.
We trust these products will play a significant role in building smart ships, autonomous ships, etc., which are highly demanded by marine markets.

In addition, we are making efforts to create a smarter work culture in our company by adopting, a flexible work hours, 40-hour work for a week,
more free annaul leaves, etc., that is far ahead of any other shipbuilding equipment companies that will eventually enrich the work life and 
provide good balance between work and life to our employees, that will also enhance the quality of products.
Through these challenges, changes and aspirations, all employees of company can prepare for a new future and leap forward, and will meet the customer and employee satisfaction.
We would like to build the a company honored by the local society, but with the global top.

 Lastly, I would like to welcome everyone whoever visits our homepage and wish you and your family a good luck and happiness.
Thank you.


CEO Hong Sangeui