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Since its establishment in October 1995, ILJIN AND CO.,LTD. has grown into a company for engineering,
manufacturing and supplying FIRE PROTECTION & SAFETY SYSTEM SOLUTION (i.e., Safe solution) for LNG/ LPG carriers and Offshore structures,
which are High value-added ships for Maritime and Offshore.

However, as the paradigm of shipbuilding changed to smart shipbuilding, which started in the 2010s,
we had no choice but to change ourselves to match this paradigm with our existing Safe Solution as the company's base cargo, and focus our capabilities on it.

We consider this change to be a new challenge, and made a mission called "Keep Safer And Keep Smarter,
" i.e., "Let's make smart ships safer and smarter," and we have been trying to make an effor with all of our employees to achieve this mission.

As a result, we were able to successfully enter the Smart ship market by developing a kind of Smart solution such as IP CCTV System,
VoIP Auto Telephone System, and Digital Measuring Instrument Panel, etc. applicable to Smart ships.

At the same time, we have stably entered the market by developing another Safe Solution such as Linked Emergeny Shutdown System applied to Tanker carriers based on the request of the new rule and Bunkering Safety Linked System applied to LNG dual fuel ships.

We are not satisfied with this, we have succeeded in developing AI Video Analytic Solution that detects abnormal behavior of crew and workers as well as Smoke and Flame in around the engine room of the ship. We are accelerating the development of new Smart Solution, which is necessary for smart ships, iBAS (VESSEL BERTHING AID SYSTEM), IP PA&GA System, Cyber Security Solution for ships, etc.

In addition, We are making great efforts to enter the domestic and international special ship market by successfully developing PHOTONICS MAST prototype applicable to Midget unmanned submarine, and are accelerating product improvements for application on actual ships.

Our efforts to develop new technologies are to meet customer demands for the future market and to grow us into a sustainable company,
and based on this, we continue to strive to realize priority values for employee satisfaction and happiness,
contribute to the development of the community, and pursue the public interest.